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Green Anole Diet – A Complete Feeding Guide

Green anoles are one of the best reptiles for beginners. They tolerate handling quite well compared to most other reptiles. 

They are quite good looking too with their bright green body and pink dewlap. All of this makes green anoles one of the most popular reptiles as pets. 

But as a new reptile owner, you might ask – what does a green anole eat? Green anoles are insectivores. This means the green anole diet consists primarily of insects which include crickets, grasshoppers, cockroaches, maggots, etc.

In this article, I’m going to explain in detail the dietary habits of green anoles and teach you how you can ensure proper nutrition for your green anole.

Feeding Green Anoles

  • You should feed green anoles mainly crickets. But you can of coarse mix it up once in a while. Try feeding mealworms from time to time as an occasional treat.
  • The insects should not be more than half the size of the anole’s head.
  • Do not feed more than 2 – 5 insects per day.
  • Provide calcium and vitamins by dusting their food with calcium and multivitamin powder three times every week.
  • Provide enough water. Make sure the water container isn’t so deep that your green anole can drown in it. Change the water daily. 
  • Anoles also likes to lick water from plants and wet surfaces. So, try spraying water on the glass of your enclosure and leaves of plants.
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What to Do If You’re Green Anole Doesn’t eat?

Reptiles are very sensitive to their environment. So, if your green anole is not eating then there is probably something bothering it. Finding and removing the cause of irritation is crucial to maintaining your anole’s health.

Here are some things that you can do if your green anole refuses to eat –

Provide Live Prey

Green anoles like hunting their food. So, feed them live crickets or mealworms. Your anole might not be eating because you’re serving dead food. 

Provide more space

Green anoles are small but require lots of space to live in. Not providing enough space may be a reason for your anole to not eat. 

You should buy at least a 10-gallon enclosure for a single green anole. If you have a small group of anoles then a 20-gallon enclosure is a must. 

Avoid overcrowding 

Most reptiles are solitary and territorial creatures. They don’t really like each other that much. So, it is best to keep your anoles in separate enclosures. 

Of course, you can keep a male anole with 2 or 3 females in an enclosure. But keeping two males in the same enclosure is not recommended. They will fight when they cross paths and this may result in one of your male anoles dying. 

And even if it doesn’t kill them it will definitely stress them out which may result in your anoles going on a hunger strike. 

Avoid over-handling 

Anoles are pretty okay with gentle handling. But you shouldn’t overdo it. Over-handling can cause unnecessary stress. And It’s common for reptiles to avoid eating when stressed. 

Maintain proper moisture

Make sure your green anole’s environment is properly moist. Spray water inside the enclosure from time to time.

Contact a veterinarian 

If you still can’t get your green anole to eat then the best action would be to take it to a vet. There could be some physical issues with your green anole which must be checked out by a qualified veterinarian.

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How long can green anoles go without eating?

Reptiles can survive for a long time without eating. It is mainly due to being cold-blooded and having a slow metabolism. They don’t produce their own body heat. As a result, they don’t need nearly as many calories to survive as warm-blooded animals. 

Being reptiles, green anoles are no exception. Generally, green anoles go on without eating for 2 to 8 weeks. But it really boils down to their age and how well they are fed before starving. 

But you shouldn’t starve your anoles under any circumstances. Unlike snakes that need to eat only once or twice every one or two weeks, green anoles require daily feeding in small portions.

What else do green anoles eat besides bugs?

Anoles will eat basically anything that’s alive and moving as long as they can fit it in their mouth. Besides eating insects like crickets they’ll happily eat worms, spiders and even small snails.

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Can green anoles eat fruits?

Greens anoles prefer eating live and moving insects. Some can be fed ripe fruits like banana, orange, etc. But I think it’s best to only feed live insects.


Green anoles are beautiful creatures and pretty easy to look after which I’m sure you’ve learned from reading this article. The green anole diet mainly just consists of crickets which they’ll happily live off throughout their lives. 

Easy handling and inexpensive maintenance really make them the perfect choice for first-time lizard keepers.

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