Corn Snake Accessories

6 Must Have Corn Snake Accessories

You’re probably thinking of bringing home your first corn snake or maybe it’s your very first snake. If that’s true then you’ve made the right choice. Corn snakes are pretty docile and small-sized making them great for beginners. And they’re quite beautiful to look at as well. 

But you can’t just buy a snake and throw it in a tank with nothing but a water bowl. You’re going to need several accessories to keep your snake warm and cozy. Some accessories are also needed to mimic their natural environment. 

Here are 6 accessories every corn snake owner must have –


Hides are small hiding places inside the snake tank. In the wild snakes will find small holes in trees or spaces between rocks to slither in and hide from predators. 

corn snake tank accessories

If you keep your snake in a tank without any place for it to squeeze in then it will get stressed. So, a hide is necessary to keep your snake happy and healthy. 

You are going to need two hides for your snake. One on the cool side of the tank and another on the warm side near the heat source. 

Besides acting as shelter for your snake, hides also enhance the look of the enclosure.


1. Zilla Vertical Décor

I just love how this hide looks. The mossy rock design really gives the tank a vibrant look. A great thing about this hide is that it has a powerful suction cup that securely attaches to the tank wall. 

So, you can place this hide basically anywhere in your snake tank. 

2. Niteangel Birch Bark Bends Habitat Decor Reptile Hideout

If you’re going for a jungle vibe then this hide is also a great choice. It’s super cozy and pretty easy to clean. And it looks great too. So, I definitely recommend it.

Heat Pad or Heat Lamp

Snakes are ectotherms. This means they need an external heat source like the sun for warmth. But sun-basking is not possible in an enclosure. And that’s why you’re going to need the proper equipment to provide heat for your snake. 

corn snake decoration ideas

You can do this either with a heat lamp or a heating pad. You should install the heat source on one side of the enclosure so that your snake doesn’t overheat. 

Your snake should be able to choose between staying on the cool side or hot side of the tank. 


1. Zilla Heat Mat Terrarium Heater

Zilla Heat Mats are quite popular. There isn’t much more to say about them. I use it and it works as it should. 

The advantage of using a heat mat is that it evenly radiates heat instead of directly projecting it on the snake. 

2. Zacro Inferred Heat Lamp

If you are looking for a heat lamp to allow your snake to bask for heat like it would in the wild then the Zacro Inferred heat lamp is a great buy. 

A good thing about it is that it does not emit light. So, you can keep this turned on even when your snake’s asleep.

Heat and Humidity Sensor

Snakes are very sensitive to heat and humidity. For example, corn snakes need a humidity level of 40% to 50% and a temperature of 32°C (90°F) on the hot side and 25-27°C (78-82°F) on the cool side of their enclosure. 

Maintaining this heat and humidity level is crucial for your snake’s health. So, a proper sensor is necessary to monitor these. 


1. ThermoPro TP49 

This sensor is great for monitoring the overall temperature and humidity inside your snake tank. It’s easy to use and needs only a common AAA battery making this device quite convenient for the average user. 

2. Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Non-Contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer Gun

Advanced users can make use of this tool to measure the temperature of specific points in their snake tank. Such as the basking area where the heat pad is directly in contact with the tank.

Feeding Tong 

Feeding tongs could be useful in several scenarios. Especially, If you’re planning on feeding frozen mice or rats. 

For some snakes, a feeding tong might be necessary to shake the food in front of the snake to mimic the movement of live prey. Some snakes just won’t accept the food until you trigger their natural hunting instincts.

Also due to physiological or environmental reasons your snake sometimes may completely go on a hunger strike and require force feeding. In these kinds of scenarios a feeding tong could be necessary.

So, it’s best to keep one at home just in case. 


A tong is a tong. There is no reason to buy a specific brand. I use the Zoo Med Super Deluxe Stainless Steel Feeding Tong. Why? No, specific reason. I’ve used Zoo Med tongs as long as I can remember and they’ve served me well. It’s just a matter of habit I guess.

Water Bowl

Do you need a fancy water bowl for your snake? Not really. But you can’t deny that a pretty water bowl does enhance the overall look of the tank. 

Throwing in a normal water bowl in an expensive tank with a beautiful snake just doesn’t feel right. Well, not for me. So, even though this is not necessary I do encourage you to think about getting a good-looking bowl for your snake tank, if you can.

The look of the bowl does not matter. But the size of it does. The bowl should be at least big enough for the snake to fit in it. Snakes like to soak in water from time to time. So, this is quite important. 


1. Exo Terra Water Dish

If you’re thinking about buying a water dish that’s both functional and brings some pizzazz to your snake tank then I definitely recommend this. I personally use it myself. They have quite a few sizes for you to choose from. So, you can choose the right bowl size for your snake. 

2. Zoo Med Reptile Rock Food Dish

This one is not as colorful as the Exo Terra water dish. But I can imagine some of you going for it exactly for that. Some people just love the cool and mellow look of this water dish. 


Lights are more for you and less for your snake. There is a debate in the reptile community about whether or not you need special UVB lights for snakes. As far as I’ve noticed, there isn’t much need for them.

snake lights

But one thing I’m certain is that no terrarium is complete without proper lighting. There is no point in keeping a beautiful snake at your house if you can’t show it off. 

A combination of white and red lights for day and night time will surely make your snake tank look awesome. 


1. Zoo Med Day/Night Desert Lighting Kit

This is just your standard lighting kit. And for something like this “standard” is all you need. This kit switches between day and night mode automatically. So, that’s definitely a neat feature. 

2. REPTI ZOO Dual UVB Light Fixture 

If you are one of those people who are certain about the benefits of UVB light then this light kit is perfect for you. I’m not sure about the benefits of using them. But I can assure that there isn’t any harm to them besides costing you a bit extra.

Plants and Climbers

Corn snakes love climbing stuff. In the wild, you’ll always find corn snakes climbing trees or slithering along branches. So, buying a few things for them to climb on and explore is a good idea to keep them entertained. 

corn snake climbing plants

Also, the fake plants and branches act as decorations that beautify your tank. 


I generally use these to decorate my terrariums – 

  1. SLSON Reptile Plants Hanging Terrarium PlantsFluker’s Pothos Repta Vines for Reptiles and Amphibians
  2. EONMIR 8-Foot Reptile Vines


Whether it’s for keeping your snake healthy or enhancing the aesthetics of your snake tank, investing on these corn snake accessories is totally worth it. 

I hope this article was helpful to you. Wish you best of luck with your Corn snake. Thanks for stopping by.

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